Tom Prill. High School Drama Teacher, Extraordinaire.


By my junior year in high school, I was pretty much on my own. My home held 3 bedrooms, but only one was ever occupied: mine. It could be terribly lonely at times, especially late at night, after I’d turned off the house lights and locked up, and silently tucked myself into bed, in the last bedroom at the end of the hall. But these nights when it was just me, just myself, and no one else….I also felt the most safe. Oh, the irony in some of our memories, huh?

By the time I found my way into Mr. Prill’s room in September of 1991, I was one weary, exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely, child-soldier, still reeling from the many previous years of fighting the secret Viet-mom War on my home lands.


Those damn “acting/theatre exercises” where Mr. Prill would somehow trick us into revealing our naked souls…oh, how they worked on me! And how I unknowingly NEEDED that space Mr. Prill would hand to us, saying, “Here’s the scene: how do you feel?”
I’d spent so many years running from my feelings, this was the first time someone said to me, “No- don’t run! Sit here! Feel! Laugh! Cry! Sing! Fall apart! I’ll be right here for you (sipping my Diet Coke) when you’re done.”

And he always was.

With the long rectangular flourescent classroom lights turned off, and our faces softly glowing from a small lamp left on in the back, we would take the stage solo…eventually stripping away each of our carefully-crafted High School Images, until nothing was left on stage but the rawness of a newborn in the form of an almost-adult. Then the bell would ring, signaling the change of classes, the lights would flip on with a painful brightness, and there would be Mr. Prill, with the other kids, perched upon a desk in the back, like a single scholar of many, wiping his tears away.


Mr.Prill taught us how to live with our hearts on our sleeves, despite any misgivings or scabby distrust built from years gone by. He taught us how to do this, by living as such himself. Nothing seemed too scary or too much when that stout little man was standing there, piercing your skull with his gaze, a smirk flash, a nudge of his glasses up the nose, and an attitude that always seemed to say “Come on! I’ll do it if you do it!!”


Loneliness did not exist in Mr. Prill’s world. Blackness did not exist in Mr. Prill’s world. Cruelty, abuse, and jerks were simply…..non-existent. Quite a magical feat, when you think about it, really. I wonder if he knew what he was providing in addition to the obvious academic programs?


It was in this space, Mr. Prill’s Space, that I believe most of us theatre geek kids awakened to the possibility that there was more to life than…our own feelings??? More than trends and sports and fashion-must-haves and that cute classmate you cannot bring yourself to talk to???


Mr. Prill gave us a space, not where he’d tie on our wings himself, rather: he told us to believe in ourselves, and led us to the end of the branch….and then with that smirky grin, he’d whisper to one of us, each message customized to fit the baby wren: “Fly! You can do it! Just try!!” And sometimes we fell. But you know what? The landing wasn’t so bad: Mr. Prill would be there at the bottom, catching us, laughing at whatever mistake we’d made that was SURELY GOING TO HAUNT US FOREVER…but had merely tickled his funny bone. As a sage teacher, I’m sure our worst nightmares were things he’d already witnessed a thousand times already. I wonder if that’s why he was easy to laugh? That laugh. That cackle. That silly, funny, never-gonna-grow-up Peter Pan cackle of glee. Mr. Prill.

I spent three years following Mr. Prill around like a needy sidekick duckling; a manic Ed McMahon to his witty Johnny Carson; a scared & hungry Scooby Doo to his sleek, smooth-talking Fred. I soaked in his lectures about movies, actors, actresses, and what makes it all great or all terrible.

Planet 9 From Outter Space? SO BAD- we have to watch it! Once a year!

Into the Woods, original Broadway cast, recorded on a VHS tape? SO GOOD we have to watch it! Once a year!


He loved Sally Field, hated Julia Roberts. Loved Neil Simon, less excited about Shakespeare. Loved improv! LOVED IMPROV!! IMPROV IMPROV IMPROV!! I digress.


‘Tis my belief that all teachers can be broken down into 2 simple categories: The teacher whose voices fades once the grades are turned in, or the teacher whose words catapult far beyond the public school system world, landing somewhere deep within the student’s Soul-Garden.


The latter types, as their voices string together the academia with the soul, will reverberate throughout one’s life, like the first-dropped stone that begat the ever-widening ripple in the pond, eventually resulting in visual rings of difference, across the entire surface of the water.


These special teachers, they approach the younger people in a way that leaves with the student a desire to touch base with their Inner Self, perhaps beginning that ever-important Life-Long Inner Dialogue with our Self, about our own True Intentions, our transparency, our hidden agendas, & perhaps even our spiritual evolvement.

After all is said an done…some blessed students of these blessed teachers…well…


We never forget when that first stone was thrown in, we never forget who changed the quality of our existence forever. Ya know. We never forget that moment we first found ourself.


Keeping this in mind, here’s the memory I want to share:

April. 1993. It was a Thursday night, late, about 10:15. We’d just plodded through a late night dress-rehearsal for Cyrano de Bergerac. I remember coming out the back door of the old Jeff theatre, skipping down the back stairs two-at-a-time, into that narrow asphalt-alley, where the Band Dorks would keep their trailer parked between field trips or marches (whatever those band people did).

Normally students were NOT allowed to park there…but exceptions were made after 7pm, if we were sneaky enough. I recall feeling my usual mix of exhaustion meets anxiety, as I said a silent prayer that my run-down ‘85 Honda Civic hatchback, would be a good girl that night, and she’d “turn over” when trying to start her engine up in the cool spring air. That Honda was my pride and joy. She was just….old and ready for an overhaul that was beyond my “waitress budget”.


I was thrilled when the old engine revved up beneathe my feet on only the 3rd try, and as I peeled out of the parking lot (is there any other way for a senior to exit?), I recall yelling out the window to my castmates that were just starting to trickle out of the theatre, “WHOOHOOOO!!!” or some such meaningful thing.


I zipped home that night, never completely stopping, as sometimes it was hard to get the clutch out of first gear once it was in there. So I was trying to make do with just slowing down enough for 2nd gear. (Safety first!)


My house was less than a mile away, give or take, and while that might not seem very far…in an old stick-shift hatch-back, there were endless opportunities lying in wait that might force me to slow down too much, thereby downshifting into 1st gear….and resulting in stalling out my engine. My 18-year old answer, of course, was to just JUST KEEP ACCELERATING, JUST KEEP ACCELERATING, JUST KEEP ACCELERATING!


That drive was yet another successful endeavor pulled off using my brilliant Acceleration Solution as I sped south on 18th, blew through the yellow light at Teal Rd…letting off the gas pedal just a bit as I hooked a sharp right at the “4-Way Pause” signs at 18th and Beck Lane. Almost home! Engine still going!! JUST KEEP ACCELERATING!!!


The expertise with which I careened my metal container of hopes into my narrow driveway, squealing to stop just inches from the corner of our car port, is a talent I hope my children will never develop. I threw the stick shift into 1st gear as I removed the key, and set the hand brake. (First gear was for parking only, dudes.) Grabbed my back pack, my stacks of books, highlighted script with notes scrawled in corners, and sped through the surrounding blackness as if I wasn’t afraid at all.


As usual, the back door was unlocked, and I let myself right in. CLICK! I locked the door. CLICK! I turned on the kitchen lights. CLICK! I turned on the living room lights. CLICK! CLICK CLICK!! I turned on almost every light in the house, my nightly routine. I’m sure it was my way of trying to “fill up” the empty house. I dropped my books on the couch, and headed to the rusted black metal mailbox that hung on the side of our house, just outside the front door. (You know the type.)


I was hoping for a letter from one of my pen pals. I had 4 at the time, and devoured every word of every letter they’d send. Letters from friends are fantastic company in an empty house. I had to use both of my hands to get all of the mail out, and even then, I kept finding another piece every time I swept my hand across the bottom. I picked up the spilled pieces, and tried to balance it all in my arms, while holding open the screen door, and avoiding the broken step that had a tendency to toss our visitors head over heels.


I remember it crossing my mind that my mother must not have been home in several days, as I flicked through the many envelopes with seemingly important stamped messages across them. “OVERDUE NOTICE!” “LAST NOTICE” “PAYMENT OVERDUE”. I quickly shut the front door, locking it, turning off the light, and flipped through the thick stack of white envolopes and junk mail coupon books, looking for my name in familiar handwriting, hoping for something to read to keep me company that night.


Then I saw it.


I didn’t know what I was looking at, at first. My name was typed. My address- also typed.
That was weird. Me and my pen pals? We wrote letters the old fashioned way: BY HAND…so this was like, totally gag-me-with-a-fork-weird. I glanced at the return address. It read: AMDA- American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.


As with most unexpected situations in my life then and since, I was immediately confused. So of course I had to read that again.


Yes! That is the school I had just auditioned for a month back! So that meant this must be….the “The Acceptance Letter”? I don’t know why it never occurred to me that it would be anything but an Acceptance Letter. (Ah, the ego of Youth!)


I don’t remember ripping it open, nor what I did with my books, or my script, perhaps a bomb went off in my left penny loafer– I DON’T REMEMBER. However, I vividly remember the next moments:


The letter read, in parts: “Dear Tammy–snip–We are pleased–snip–to let you know that you have been selected–snip–Fall program October 1993”.

Again! With my confusion!! So I had to read it again. And again. And that’s when I started putting 2 and 2 together like a blind man without fingers….



In two seconds flat, I had spun on my loafer heel, unlocked the front door, and hopped back into that little blue roach of a vehicle.  (I coulda sworn, my footprints were leaving a trail of glitter.)


And wouldn’t ya know it? For the first time since I’d owned the old girl, HER ENGINE turned over and started up on the first try.




Time for another high-speeding, careless driving trip back up Beck Lane and and then north on 18th Street this time. (Stupid high school drivers.)


As I approached the intersection at 18th & Teal, going the opposite way than 6 minutes prior, I was able to make out… about a block away… the many figures moving around under the massive lights of the theatre loading dock. YES! I MADE IT!! I thought to myself, as I youthfully and stupidly shunned the suggestion of my red light at the intersection, not daring to fall below 20 mph, thereby taking the chance of having to go into 1st gear. It felt as though my Civic had only two wheels on the ground as I veered right at the tiny intersection by the back of the theatre, and then immediately to the left, slamming on my brakes mere yards from my thronging and my darling frightened-for-their-lives friends.


In hindsight, they were probably desperately clinging to one another because some hellcat-on-wheels had just come barreling out of the black night, and seemed to be targeting their exact location at a high speed, with little to no control. And….I might’ve also been laying on my horn as I wildly rolled in, for full affect, as theatre geeks are wan to do. But, of course I thought of none of this, as I proceeded to burn the rubber on my tires slamming to a full stop mere yards from their delicate flesh-and-bone bodies.


I immediately jumped out of my disabled Smurf-mobile, waving the letter from AMDA high above my head, as en masse, they ALL JUMPED BACK SHRIEKING: “AUUUUGH!!”.


Their response completely startled me. “AUGGH!! WHAAAT??” I screamed back at my motley crew of chosen-family, blinded by my headlights.


But, once again, the close brush with death had every last one of us high schoolers laughing our fool heads off, and I could barely get out words between the guffaws and jostling of friends.


That’s when Mr. Prill suddenly appeared at the fringe of our gaggle. That’s right! I suddenly remembered why I came back to schoool!! I hurtled my body through the tangle of teens towards him, like when there’s only one more yard to the touchdown, and in the last play, the team does that trick play kooky stuff, where some massive athlete grabs the ball and is basically Shot-Put up over the defensive line, and into TOUCHDOWN TERRITORY!! So I made like a 300 pound linebacker with the grace of a ballerina in cement boots, and did like 3 somersaults over the gang to get to him. (Not really. But I was able to get close enough to him to grab him by his stained, cuffed-up shirt sleeve.) My excitement was far too much for me to contain. I held out the letter to him, and said with far too much diaphragm support since there were no “back rows” to hear me– only Mr. Prill’s face 10 inches from my own: “MR. PRILL, I MADE IT!! I’M GOING TO NEW YORK CITY!!”


My friends fell quiet as the news fell over their sweet ears. And then after some high-pitched clarification from all sides, like a crackle of thunder & lightening combination that announces a storm, a Life Celebration descended upon us all.


Mr. Prill dropped whatever he held in his arms, and in one sweep of an embrace, I was wholly engulfed in his barrel chest and surrounded by my friends, as they cheered with me, whooped with me, cried with me. I remember Mr. Prill and I trying to both hug each other and jump up and down together, which turned out to be a messy, if not well-intended, moment of comedy within itself. I was celebrated under the moonlight by my loved ones.


I drove myself home later, and tucked myself in snugly, with nothing but the memories I’d made that night. And they were plentiful.


I close my eyes and can see it now: how the joy in my eyes, became to be joy in his eyes; the proud tears streaming down my face, showed up proudly on his face as well. The loving glow from his face was so bright, he coulda lit up the whole south side of town. Mr. Prill was so SO PROUD OF ME. Like a true friend. Like a father.


Like a father.


Like a father. Hm. Yeah. That’s it, isn’t it? His pride in me filled some strange void in my soul, a void I’d always denied. His pride in me meant EVERYTHING. It still does.


There are many moments in one’s life. Moments we live and forget. Moments we live, but only the plot is recalled offhand. And then….there are those very significant times in one’s life, during those surprising plot-twist-changes of our personal journey, wherein you hear yourself say “My life will never be the same after this”.


Those moments when it rings loud and clear: “The End of What I’ve Known is Nigh….and The Beginning of A New Unknown ….is just around the bend.”


That is my memory I share with you all, the moment Tom Prill was beside me as I received the most significant piece of news in my 18 years so far. HE was the one there for me, with whom I could CELEBRATE. HE held me, while HE cried tears of joy. HE squealed with delight, over MY news. He was so proud of me.


His passing has been somewhat gut-wrenchingly, heart-opening for me. Because, while I took time long ago, to thank him & tell him I loved him….I never thanked him for being a father I never had. Oh, I know, “It was only 3 years? What do you mean? A mere grain of sand in the hourglass of life, woman!”


Try to imagine how very sacred & precious those 3 years must’ve felt to a child who hadn’t had that magic before. Or since.


Thank you, Mary. And thank you Cindy, Scott, Laura. I am indebted to you with gratitude. All my love, to all of you, forever.

To Show Thy Strength

Another hilltop

another home

another horizon

with a hazy blue dome.

Another morning

when a silent sword

has sliced my chores

and I am beckoned

to this keyboard.

Lived in 15 houses,

before I was 10

& I swore haughtily

“Not with MY children!”

Oh, yes, I swore this and I swore that

With my steps precisely chosen,

I was convinced I’d found the Right Way,

hubristically called,  “Come! Gather, Kittens!”


But the ego

of the youthful twenties

will grind to a halt

with changes aplenty

none of which

will be planned.

And soon the things you swore,

the situations you evaded,

may seep in from the outside:

your peaceful home invaded.

Is Life is more than plans?

I found the lesson

as I treaded the tsunami

of the unplanned & unforeseen:

To know thy strength &

To SHOW thy strength

are 2 very different things.

Last Cup of Joe

With a life experience span

from dirt, to gold, then minivan,

I feel as if I am

coming full circle from where I began.


From the bare boxes of shelter

protecting me only from the weather

No one else allowed in

for fear the sins

be found–

to the mansions in western Hills Hidden

where I silently observed the forbidden

and came to know

birds of a feather

preen together

the vultures, the crows,

the Hollywood-sized egos–

and now, in my humble abode

a fraction the value

I had during “The Marital Show”.


‘Twould seem to some

I have less now

than I had once.


Despite my household budget

dictating much

of how our family

spends our spare time,

Buddy, I don’t need a dime.


Yeah, my wife brings me flowers-

and she also gently reminds me

if I need to take better care of myself.

No, my wife can’t buy me jewels-

but she soothes my anxiety on countless days

and once in awhile, throughout a night.


My wife built a greenhouse

out of completely refurbished windows

It gleams in the california sun

the mismatched squares

no two alike

and it reminds me of our blended family.


Long long ago, I existed,

and my value was in cleaning or sex;

wealth and diamonds unreachable.

Then I grew up up up

and damn fine jewelry

replaced the cheap silver

I’d bought myself

from the street fairs of the Greenwich Village

back when I nannied, bartended,

rollerbladed out of my childhood.


Tell me what would YOU do with a bunch of diamonds? You gonna slap those things on, and wear them around Target and the grocery with PRIDE? You gonna flash that shit in front of people who would give ANYTHING for an extra buck to feed their kid that night? Shit. You must be stronger than me.

A gilded cage

is still a cage

the only difference

is those without the gilding

think that those

with the gilding

have “won” the game of Life.

As if the gilded has more value.

Who decided that bullshit?

And so today

my wife let me sleep in


I felt like a teenager again:

trying to catch up on sleep

after having gotten up between 4-6am

to hurl newspapers at doorsteps

garage doors


my tightly-rubber-banded baton

with the black ink of the morning news

bleeding onto my fingers-

I could flick with such precision after a few months


I think it helped my basketball game, to be honest.

Where was I? Oh, yes, 2016.


9:30am, and my wife is hanging out with her kids quietly, so as not to disturb me. And as I shuffled past her, my eyes not even open, “Helen Kellering” my way to the coffee maker, as per usual. And you know what?

She said

“Let me make you coffee.”

I needed to pee, which made my acceptance of her kindness much easier than a typical day, when I still sometimes get suspicious of “why she’s being so nice…”. She met me on the balcony, handed me a perfectly-customized cup of coffee, and said, “I’ll be right back. That was the last cup of coffee in the house.”

As she threw on clothes, and I sipped my cup of ambition (9-5 shout-out!!), it slowly dawned on me. We mentioned last night we only had one cup of coffee for this morning. Which she just now made for me. Which meant that she had gotten up with her kids, role-modeling “thoughtfulness” for them as they quietly chatted Pokemon, all while not making herself her own cup of coffee. She’d waited for me to wake up, so she could make it for me…knowing she’d have none for herself until someone went to the store and….and. Yeah. That’s my wife.


The diamond with which she proposed

I know she still pays off on her Macy’s card

and I don’t expect another from her any time soon, if ever.

Not a week passes by without at least one, and maybe seven

“No reason, just love you” type cards on my bed.

Sometimes store-bought, more often hand-made.

I am always on her mind

in the forefront

never an afterthought.


So from (barely) shelters

as a Hoosier–>

thru The Big Apple–>

The Hidden Hills–>

and finally settling here

watching the sun move across the valley

from my perch on a hill

that is not hidden this time…


Now, I feel like a Queen,

a specialness to lo-and-behold

My Wife, my Wubby


saves me the last cup of Joe.





Formula to Madness: Infancy Infantry

A birth onto the frontline:

VietMom, a domesticated war.

never knew from the start

that there was anything more

than wincing through flesh torn.


& the priority of learning to walk,

exceeds the want to talk and

the infancy becomes about MIGHT

when to tuck, or duck and roll,

when to Fight or Flight.

elementary school classes

with the wee lads and lasses

all learning as the masses

have no idea

what REALLY lurks in

the playground’s tall grasses.


Veterans, they get a period in life

in which they may learn

what is “normal”.

So when they get to war,

shit is totally INSANE!!!

duck and cover, you motherf*cker!


The Infancy Infantry

learned upon their world-entry

shit is totally INSANE!!!

duck and cover, you result of a Mother F*cker!

and the rest of childhood

is spent deep in a forest and wild,

fighting this secret, hidden VietMom.


In hindsight, I bet

my presence amongst

the babies n youngsters

was perhaps like taking

Martin Sheen’s character

in Apocalypse Now

and throwing him in preschool

with Prince George, of the UK.



When one believes their very life is on the line

and another believes they need more toys…

they probably appear bloody mad

to each other.





In the Hue of Blue Skies

I felt invisible,

and I wanted to be seen,

so I packed my bags

with an American Dream.


The ‘rental units drove me to the Apple

dropped me at 79th & Amsterdam,

Helped get my three bags to my room

& then departed with a “Good luck, Tam”.


In the core of the Apple,

with $500 to my name

I started a one-way journey to self

and thought it had to do with fame.




Gave a conservatory my loaned dimes,

where I wasted 18 months of time,

felt like a crime

to emote and chime

in bittersweet grime

from teachers whose prime

was long gone with the sands of time.


I felt invisible

and wanted to be seen

so I packed my bags

with my American Dream.


Dropped out with my Wings,

I was ready to Try

the things

on my mind


how far can I fly

with these Rainbow Things?


I Nannied, I cocktailed

I auditioned and I failed

but I got up, I tried again

the 2nd time….I had mail.


I hawked tampons and Dupont,

bagels, *69,  pore-strips,

Canon Elf LT & deodorant,

with YooHoo chocolate drink to my lips.


I think it was my complexion,

maybe a little bit my hair

but for whatever reasons there are to list,

the H’ood pulled me up a chair.


I was feeling visible

and wanted to be seen

so I packed my bags once more

Fulfilling my American Dream.


I said goodbye to 310 Greenwich

left the East coast on a red-eye flight,

at which time I climbed into the closet,

which never did fit all of me, regardless of my might.


YOLO I thought,

as I flipped off the highest dive

I did some comedic flips,

and thought I’ve Arrived!!


Tv shows, and little movie stints

executives giving me high-fives

everybody was dropping hints:

I’m the most fantastic thing alive.


Twas fun, indeed,

but soon came to see

Pro-preening was not for me;

that very first family

was what got the better of me.


For with Fame,

I had felt Artificially Visible,

My Real Self was never seen,

so I left the spotlight for my family,

and for my tangible American Dream.


I spent a decade playing out

what my childhood had failed but tried:

I became the Golden Step-parent

a Hero, a Savior, all-knowing, wise.


And while I was yearning

to heal my scars by re-learning,

I came to realize my loss

would come at a cost,

regardless stones unturned,

some bridges that have burned

I was never meant to cross.



Then, once, ooh, child

How I took a dive!

I leapt (was pushed?)

from the Queen Bee’s hive.

I found it takes Two To Try,

and I no longer felt alive

regardless my weeding,

and annual seeding,

my garden had long since died.

Once deeply stung,

twice deeply shy,

so much to learn, had I,

so much to learn, had I.


I had grown invisible

and I wanted to be seen,

as I awoke from a commercialized joke

I realized how much was a Dream.


Diamonds are pretty

but there’s no milk in that titty.


So I started all over

this time with babes on shoulder

quietly crying,

for I had to be bolder

til my babies got older


by the time my tears ran out

their ages had come about


and by then they knew

death and rebirth, too.


I learned

to feel it

and inspect it

I can hate it

but I expect it

to teach me something more

than I ever thought

I’d need to know

when I first walked through the door.



I have          felt invisible

But now,   in Life,   I’m Seen

My wife,   my kids,   my abundant life

I’m flying this American Dream.








Fall Down 7 Times, Stand up 8.

2+2 equals 4 cyclone twirls:

two who are 9, two who are 8 & 7

two young boys, plus young two girls

it’s what we call a “Farmer’s Heaven”.


We’ve got all sorts of dolls,

Pokemon, tools, & crafts galore,

Lego kits and soccer balls

old halloween costumes with swords….


To clean

is supreme

To organize:

This mom’s dream.


When our biggest lad

grows out of his clothes

they’re whisked away

to the smaller boy’s folds.


Then we have the fairest Princesses,

And while they’re not the same age,

Their bond is no mystery to any of us:

as their feminine sides deeply engage.


The thing about my Miller,

he’s got those Number smarts,

His sense of humor is killer

And his charm? Off the charts.


Then we have the little Peanut

(nicknamed as such since birth)

an artist, a poet, a nurturer of beasts

Her love is my medicine on this earth.


And I have mentioned

my boy we call, “Doo”?

Ya haven’t heard of him,

have you?

He is wickedly smart,

& deeply sensitive,

He’s learning the art of trust

so he’s careful, and tentative.



The littlest one that we call Birdie,

she’s nothing but laughs, not afraid to get dirty.

With her pretty doll in one hand,

she’ll win each game of Kick The Can.

So smart, she’s like a first grader, going on 30.


And so you see,

there’s my four

I’ve got to try

to get out the door

every single morning,

& also on time

spit their hair flat,

make their nose shine.


With 4 lunches packed

placed in the backpacks,

Who needs another water?

Today’s gonna be hotter!

Does everyone have a recess snack?



25 years later,

after HS graduation,

I DO feel complete,

which I take as affirmation:

The dreams I reached for,

ending in manifestation,

all those years I lived

with my soul instagnation….

Never knowing at the time

the music was an indication

my home life

had an infestation

of sycophants

with successful infiltration,

their morals

in fluctuation.

Marriage vows?

Took a vacation.

I admit, I got stuck

too long in hesitation.

Shoulda read the writing on the wall


I had hoped for dissipation,

whilst my Life was going through

emotional liquidation.


At the end of the day,

there is no vindication-

no accommodation,

for higher education…

just me and my salvation

(with massive aspirations)

atop of which

I’m building a new foundation.






There’s always a promise to be broken

always something left unspoken

I can’t dodge from side to side

wondering where can I can hide

Once the bad guys have awoken.




Fall down seven times

stand up eight.

I Love my wife,

I love my kids

I don’t have time to Hate.


*dance break*


The Whistle

Is so true, Evelyn has died

so you know I’ve already cried;

I made no secret she was another

who filled in for a dilapidated mother

I want to move on, & trust me, I’ve tried.



Evelyn was soft and gruff

with her muumuus spaciously puffed;

she gave no health tips,

always sugar on her lips,

She made my life taste less tough.



My sweet Ebbie Rose

has passed on and arose

to the next place we go

when we’re done with this show.

She’s more comfortable now, I s’pose.




In the midst of a storm in my yard

I grabbed my twins, and ran hard

back home to Lafayette,

to friends I can’t forget

and of course the origin of my scarred





Her receiving line crawled ‘cross the floor,

snaking, twisted, pouring out the door;

everybody came

to say goodbye to the dame,

that was nothing like anyone we’d met before.



My sweet Evelyn, she never did try

to see the gays with a judging eye,

when 2 of her very own 4 girls

decided on buzzcuts instead of curls,

she loved them anyway, and told them to fly.



A train roared past her house each day

couple times this way, couple times that way,

a couple blocks down

it’d roar through our town,

then the whistle would fade away.



After they lowered her coffin below

covered it in dirt, sprinkled seeds to grow

the mound seemed too small

to be able to hold all

of my everything, my sweet Ebbie Rose.




I sat on the ground

next to the mound

wishing I could’ve dug

thru the dirt for one last hug

instead, though, what I found

was a hollowed-out whistle

passing by, as my neck hair bristled

cuz it felt like affirmation

of a slow-dawning revelation:

Like a gong, the train announced her dismissal.




She was my inspiration

cultivating my motivation

never to fan ego-inflation

gave me solid foundation

through which I found salvation

strength for relocation

to move halfway cross the nation

give my dreams a chasin’

never losing the navigation

system of Ebbie’s installation

her death, my graduation,

(felt like a strangulation)

never to return to her station

for wisdom and information

gotta do my own contemplation

as my Sweet Ebbie Rose

Rests In Peace…. for all creation.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

If you’ve come here now

to read The Well-Endowed,

please do try to keep in mind of thee:

I’ve got your personal details,

like IP address and email,

when you leave a comment for me.

If you’re here to sit

and throw around shit

you’re gonna need to get in line:

in line way over there,

(not anywhere near here)

cuz your poison is benign.

The Velveteen Cowgirl

A very large Product

takes a very large staff;

(For a large team is needed

To cover Product Gaffes.)

The brighter the star

the larger the team

the bigger the fame,

so Stars make it seem,

to those reading projected beams

the answer is clear,

“This Product is Perfect

There’s no flaw here!”




When a solo, single person

marries an enterprise

gotta be ready to be thrown under bus,

backstabbed thrice, & gouged-out eyes.

I’d no sooner marry a Human Product now

than I would marry a man-eating beast

for when the Comp’ny gets hungry enough

I                            become the feast.



*Dance Break*



For the sake of the masses,

each of the kicked out lassies

are thrown far beneath the bus;

their pics held Way Up There

so paying Strangers can stare,

orchestrated into mass disgust.

To break up with one is fucking hard enough

but then to have to divorce a Team…

Each player is paid

for the good rep to stay

focused and shining on their Queen.



Enterprise breakups are not normal-

there is nothing authentic in them;

The Gold Holder is the belle of the ball,

The other?  The CAUSE of this mayhem!!


How ’bout That Bitch who took on the King?

Bitch lost the match,

her world collapsed,

sanity left hanging by a string.



A Battle of folks

‘cross the internet marquee

quick punches land publicly

one & one & one, two, three:

Down for the count

in the Hollywood Ring.



I watch these exes

of some well known

fall to their knees,

with splintering bones.


After shattered to bits,

It takes a minute to stand

looking for any support,

maybe a kind stranger’s hand.


With Side A stories fanned

Hearing Side B is banned

in spinning flames

displaced shames

public wars are unevenly manned.



What goes up

must come down

especially in

this gilded town

Oh, shit, I fell hard,

blown to bits in my backyard.


Don’t set out to be a victor

in a game where no one wins

one can’t stop the twist

once the Product spins.




I could go on

as I’ve already gone

but I think the point is made

you won’t get sunburned

if you’re sure to stand in shade.

But if you dare

to bare your all

sweetheart, honey, baby…

you’s gonna fall.


You’ll be Sidekick Nancy

You’ll be nothing fancy

You’ll be there to take the fall

if anything goes wrong at all…

they blame the gold-digging blonde

who used to be Belle of the Ball.


Have a great day. I’ve never been happier.

Probably cuz

I’ve never been more real.